Alan Lee Princess Collection, Mezuzah Case

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Classic yet elegant mezuzah case with crystals.

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  • Hand applied cut crystals.
  • Available in two different sizes, small and large.
  • Small mezuzah case 5"T x 0.75"W x 0.5"D.
  • Large mezuzah case 5.75"T x 0.75"W x 0.5"D.
  • Available in two different crystal colors, silver or gold.
  • Select size and color when ordering.
  • Scroll not included.
  • Handcrafted in the USA.

Return Policy: Returnable for refund or MyLuxuryDecor credit.

About the Designer

In the early 1970’s Alan Lee and his family fled Vietnam because of the war. At age 5 he was placed in a public school where he encountered western culture in the form of English, Lego and Suzy bake ovens.  His creative impulses eventually led him to the Fashion Institute of Technology where he studied jewelry design.  Today Alan Lee resides in NY in a wonderful old home that is slowly being returned to its formal glory.

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